Private Lessons

Individual and Group Training

If you are looking for some individual volleyball coaching to take your game to the next level or learn the basics, private lessons are for you! The sessions are organized for either individuals or small groups on any surface you want to train on (beach/grass/indoor). 

Personal training is also offered to increase your fitness level with an individualized strength and conditioning program designed for the client. 

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The Ready Position

Ken Murczek Volleyball Coaching

We use key words when teaching the basic skills of volleyball. For example, here is the athlete in the ready position for the overhead serve. 

Open and Lift

Ken Murczek Coaching Volleyball

The athlete is opening her shoulders and hips to generate power with her trunk rotation, instead of just using her shoulder. We use the term "Lift" instead of toss in effort to be more precise.


Ken Murczek Coaching Volleyball

The athlete is stepping with her left foot since she is serving with her right hand. She is also closing her shoulders and hips along with her right elbow (not hand) leading to serve the ball. 


Ken Murczek Coaching Volleyball

We stress the player "High Five" the ball with a big open hand and stiff wrist to serve a float serve. Also notice how she reaching high with her arm in extension.

Follow Through

Ken Murczek Coaching Volleyball

We teach the athletes to finish with a follow through like they were throwing a ball. Notice her hand/arm finishing in front of her body with great trunk rotation to take pressure off her shoulder.

The Full Serve - VIDEO

Ken Murczek Coaching Volleyball

A video of her full serve in real time. She has a made a ton of progress from where she started by trying to shot put the ball over the net.

Overhead Serve

Coach Ken Murczek

This is from over 6 years ago, but I am still teaching the same principles to the kids I coach today. I like to use teaching cues along with a progression. In this video, I demonstrate with a tennis ball to get the athletes arm/body moving in the right direction before serving. 

Teaching Cues

I use teaching cues for all of the basic volleyball skills - Passing, Serving, Setting, Attacking, and Blocking.